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IMPF’s ongoing advocacy across EU policy and a range of wider issues impacting independent music publishers has remained central to its work on behalf of its global membership.


Highlights in 2022 included working on the Credits Due campaign and collaborating with other Brussels based trade bodies on DSA and DMA advocacy. IMPF also attended the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights and is on the Advisory Board of WIPO for Creators. Top level regulatory advocacy included responses to national government on the Copyright Directive transposition, development of position and policy papers on, AI and NFTs and copyright.

Over the course of the year, IMPF lobbies on a wide range of issues affecting its members, including the Digital Single Market, Fair Use, buy outs, gender balances, Brexit, NFT licensing models, Equitable Remuneration.  There was also extensive work done with UACRR and the IMPF membership on the war in Ukraine.  Work started in October 2022 on the Global Independent Music Publishing Market Study 3rd Edition.

Who we worked with

ECSA, The Ivors Academy, IMPEL, IMPALA, GESAC, WIPO, CISAC, ESMAA, EUIPO, UACRR Ukraine, MPC Canada, CIAM, IPA, The MLC and others representing RH industries in Brussels and Geneva.


IMPF members, the wider music and creative industries.

Outcomes/Next Steps

 IMPF will continue to advocate and lobby across these issues and others as they arise, collaborating closely with RH colleagues In Brussels and Geneva.

This report is available to download here below.



IMPF’s ongoing advocacy across EU policy and a range of wider issues impacting independent music publishers will continue during 2023.  Activity detail will follow shortly.


IMPF was represented at the Private Sector stakeholders meeting of the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights on 28 February 2023 and at the Working Groups of the Observatory on Enforcement and IP in the Digital World, held from March 21 to 24 2023. IMPF was also represented at the WIPO for Creators, 8th Advisory Board Meeting on 14 March 2023 and at the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) Forty-Third Session from March 13 to 17.

IMPF was represented by Jirina Petrova, MD of Schubert Music Czech Republic and Slovakia at a panel on “Fairness of the Streaming Model” during the the CISAC European Committee in Prague from 19 to 20 April 2023.

IMPF joined the Human Artistry Campaign as a member. The Human Artistry Campaign was launched to ensure AI technologies are developed and used in ways that support human culture and artistry – and not ways that replace or erode it.

IMPF supports its music publisher members in Italy and SIAE. Meta is refusing to negotiate with SIAE (the Italian CMO) and renew its license for Italian repertoire on Meta platforms – Instagram and Facebook. IMPF issued a statement condemning Meta’s exclusion of Italian songwriters and publishers. IMPF is working closely with SIAE and music publishers in Italy to help resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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