In 2021 IMPF launched a Friends and Supporters category for companies wishing to align with independent music publishers.

The Friends and Supporters of IMPF category is aimed at commercial companies, entities or individuals who wish to have an open and transparent relationship with the independent music publishing community worldwide.

The IMPF Friend and Supporters Engagement policy can be found here.

The IMPF Friends and Supporters Fact Sheet outlines the programme. See here.

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Currently the following companies are Friends and Supporters:

Abramus is a multi-repertoire CMO that has been operating in Brazil for more than 40
years. It is the largest copyright management company in Brazil, with more than
130,000 members from the territory. Abramus represents Brazil’s main composers, artists, record companies, musicians, and publishers, both major and independent, as well as directly representing several international clients in the territory. The organization also offers its members IT solutions and business intelligence for the management of music repertoires both online and offline.

AMRA takes a global, direct approach to digital licensing, collection, and administration, driven by the KTech rights management platform, which provides a streamlined model allowing AMRA to increase efficiencies. AMRA represents some of the world’s most successful songwriters through either direct affiliation with AMRA or its publisher representation agreements for global digital licensing administration.

The Backbeat platform covers all aspects of rights and royalty management, with the company’s cloud-based software being built from the ground up for the modern music ecosystem. For music publishers, Backbeat’s software will self-regulate the whole CWR registration cycle by automatically recognising when new works or data-changes necessitate a registration shipment to the world’s PROs.

CMRRA, a SoundExchange company, is a licensing agency which represents over 90% of music publishers and self-published songwriters doing business in Canada. CMRRA licenses, collects, and distributes royalties for the majority of songs recorded, sold and broadcast in Canada. Innovators in licensing and royalty collection for over 48 years, CMRRA provides licenses to dozens of digital services, including all the major online music services operating in Canada as well as YouTube, the Meta platforms, TikTok and more.

SX Works Global Publisher Services (SX Works), which originated with SoundExchange’s acquisition of CMRRA, provides administration solutions to enable organizations who own, represent and/or engage with music to manage their repertoire across the music ecosystem, by leveraging an integrated musical works and sound recording database.

Downtown-owned Curve Royalty Systems has joined IMPF’s Friends and Supporters category.  Built by music royalties specialists, Curve’s platform is a powerful and complete solution for managing rights and calculating royalties related to both publishing and recorded rights.  Curve’s advanced toolset caters to multiple types of deals and complex deal scenarios, including, but not limited to: automated CWR generation and deliveries; rate escalations; black box revenue distribution; IP chain management; and online statement delivery.

ESMAA is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi based PopArabia, the leading independent music company and music publisher in the Middle East for a decade, and a partner of twofour54, Abu Dhabi’s media and entertainment hub. ESMAA is a rights management entity working with global stakeholders in music to facilitate and provide music licenses in the Gulf region.

ICE is a purpose-driven organisation, founded by rightsholders, for rightsholders.

We exist to support songwriters, enabling societies and publishers to accurately compensate them when their work is used internationally.


LyricFind provides partners with an extensive catalogue of accurate and fully legal lyrics, licensed from more than 10,000 publishers and performing rights organisations around the world.  It is trusted by some of the top names in the industry, including Amazon, Google, YouTube, Deezer, Xperi, Soundhound, iHeartRadio and many others.

The Mint Companies license and/or administer copyrights for multi-territorial online usage on behalf of songwriters, composers and music publishers.  Mint Digital Services is the alliance between US music rights organisation SESAC, and Swiss collective management organisation SUISA. Under the joint venture, Mint administers licences to use musical compositions in multi-territorial online music services on behalf of publishers, collective management organisations and independent management entities.

Musixmatch provides data, tools and services to enhance the music experience and empower creators. It has a lyrics catalogue with over 8 million songs and 80 supported languages. It supplies a range of platforms including the top global music DSPs, online search engines and social platforms.   Alongside lyrics, Musixmatch works to provide creators with tailored tools to help manage, claim, and distribute content.

NexTone is the only private-sector company in the music copyright administration business in Japan. It has managed a broad range of rights, including mechanical, digital, broadcasting and performing copyrights, in the territory since its establishment in 2000. NexTone works with a wide variety of rights-holders including the publishing arms of global video games companies and animation studios, major and independent music publishers, and individual songwriters.

Established in 2005 On Music is based in the rapidly growing technology hub of Belfast, Northern Ireland. We are a trusted partner in providing complementary back office support for music and audio-visual copyright metadata processing and our clients are at the core of every decision we make. The skills and knowledge of our team have grown through experience of broadcast media, a passion for music and enthusiasm for technology. Working on a global scale we have the ability to make complex decisions software alone cannot handle.

Pex is the leader in digital rights technology, enabling the fair and transparent use of copyright online. With Pex’s advanced identification technology, platforms can manage and license content at scale, allowing users to upload freely while respecting copyright. In return, rightsholders are able to monitor and capitalize on the content they own. Pex is on a mission to support the creator economy with fair and transparent copyright solutions. For more information, follow us on Twitter or visit the website.


UBC was founded in 1942, serving composers, publishers, performers, musicians and labels. The organisation collects and distributes royalties on behalf of a vast domestic and international repertoire in Brazil. The organisation currently has close to 60% of market share among the seven Brazilian performance rights organisations. 


Vistex solutions help businesses take control of their mission-critical processes. The company’s enterprise software provides a high-volume, easily configured solution poised for traditional, current and future music business trends. Contracts, metadata and all royalty activity are captured in a single system, which is used for registration, licensing, sales, royalty reporting, analytics and more. This enables music companies to manage all aspects of their industry in a single solution.

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