Company of the month: Cosmos Music Publishing

Cosmos Music

27th September 2022

Cosmos Music Publishing is the publishing division of Cosmos Entertainment and is a full-service Nordic independent publishing company with its own copyright/royalty -, creative- and synch department.
We have approx. 15 songwriters /producers signed – mostly Swedish but also writers from abroad – working from our 6 studios + 2 writers rooms in the basement of our office based south-central in Stockholm, Sweden. We are also proud to represent so many fantastic partners from all over the world that generates over SEK 40.000.000 gross in our territory making us the largest independent music publisher in our region.
As we have a joint A&R and Synch department with our label we can move fast with briefs and other creative activities using our artists/writers/producers as one team.
If you are interested in us representing you for our territory – please contact Hans Desmond at – or for creative activities – please contact Peo Nylen at