Statement from Annette Barrett President of IMPF on the 15h anniversary of ECSA

4th March 2022

“I’m delighted to extend our congratulations to ECSA on the occasion of its 15th anniversary, that’s an impressive 15 years of advocating for the rights of songwriters, composer and authors. Our creative sector is a major contributor to the world economy and culture, and as independent music publishers, we are committed to upholding the rights of composers to create and be rewarded fairly for their work, as, quite simply, without our writers, our composers and authors, there is no business, and without their fair remuneration there is no future. Working together with ECSA, CIAM, the Ivor’s Academy, and others, in recent years has been hugely important to help rebalance the asymmetries between the money collected by the platforms and the money doled out. ECSA and IMPF understand very well that the platforms need to recognise the true value of the song, and its why we are always ready to work together as a publisher trade body to ensure effective relationships with our counterpart songwriter organisations. Thank you to the leadership of ECSA for their work on these many critical issues and we look forward to our continued collaboration. Happy Anniversary!” Annette Barrett, President of IMPF.