Music publishers made members of ZAiKS after 20-year battle

23rd September 2021

Music publishers made members of ZAiKS after 20-year battle

Publishers will be elected to Board and Audit Committee of Polish society at next General Assembly

IMPF is very pleased to confirm that music publishers will now be included in the membership of the Polish Society of Authors and Composers – ZAiKS.

The landmark moment comes after 20-years of campaigning led by the Polish PSWM (Music Publishing Association), including Schubert Music’s Andreas Schubert and Golba Music’s Paulina Golba, with the support of many individual publishers internationally, and from CISAC and IMPF.

It means that music publishers will be formally represented at ZAiKS, with two seats on the organisation’s Board and one seat on its Audit Committee.

The publisher members are due to be added to the Board and the Committee as part of elections at the next ZAiKS General Assembly.

The full status will mean that music publishers will be able to have a positive impact on the management and direction of ZAiKS going forward, enhancing its operation and influence in the market.

Founded in 1918, ZAiKS is the biggest collective copyright management organization in Poland and, indeed, one of the biggest societies in Eastern Europe.

Prior to this latest development, music publishers had representation agreements with ZAiKS but were not full members.

Andreas Schubert, Chairman of PSWM: “Music publishers have not had membership or representation at ZAiKS since the early ‘50s. It has taken years of work to right that wrong. Only with the help of our colleagues at IMPF and great support from CISAC could we finally change the situation. Now music publishers are back at ZAiKS and ready to work alongside other members. We will add our different business perspective and approach to continue the success story of this powerful collection society, helping ZAiKS to adapt to the future market and changing legislative environment.”

Paulina Golba said: “This is a huge day for the whole publishing community. This achievement wouldn’t be possible without the engagement of many colleagues both here at PSWM and internationally. I especially value the support of CISAC and IMPF and hope that publishers’ presence at ZAiKS can open a new chapter in the relation between societies and publishers in Poland, benefiting all composers and authors.”

Annette Barrett, President of IMPF, said: “We are really pleased that this long overdue moment has arrived. It was great to have worked so successfully with CISAC; our strategic alignment and excellent relationship allowed us to jointly help get this through. IMPF actively supported its members on this historic issue and was able to bring strong political and advocacy resources to the table. We are delighted for our members, colleagues, and friends in Poland.”

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