IMPF Global Music Summit Palma 2024

Welcome to the IMPF Global Music Summit Palma 2024

IMPF is very pleased to host this third edition of the hugely successful IMPF Global Music Summit 2024 once again in Palma from October 01 to 04.  We look forward to welcoming our music publisher members, songwriters, friends and special guests to join us in talks and panels with built in time to meet, create, connect, and do business.

The Songwriting camp will run concurrent to the Summit from September 30 to October 03.  21 writers will be selected to participate in this unique songwriting camp for 5 days with a high energy celebratory listening session open to all Palma delegates on the evening of October 03.

Below you will find the Preliminary information for the IMPF Global Music Summit 2024 outlining the Industry Topics that will feature in a number of Panels and Presentations over the 4 day event.

A Preliminary Programme is available to download here.  We are also delighted to welcome our Partners and Sponsors.

Preliminary information for the boutique event that has everyone talking 

What are the hot topics for Palma 2024; we are ready to explore whatever it is that matters to you


Creative Entrepreneurship
Creative Entrepreneurship: Can creativity be managed/subject to general business principles?  Should artists be more businesslike? What do creators need from publishers in terms of their business acumen? What can publishers learn from other creative industries and from the songwriting community about how best to create entrepreneurship in their artists? What do international bodies bring to the table?

Sex Education Case Study and the Creative & Business Process of Music for Film/TV/Gaming/Ads
Join us for an in-depth discussion on the creative and business process of music for audio/visual. Gain valuable insights into the role of the Music Supervisor, Studio Music Executive and Licensing/Clearance Specialist in today’s music industry. Walk away with effective tips in licensing, sourcing music, creating effective playlists, marketing strategies, and an insider’s view to the ever-evolving relationships between content creators, artists, music supervisors and licensing executives.  This is a highly competitive but lucrative market, a critical part of the business for indie publishers, so you don’t want to be left behind.  Learn the latest on how to be an effective partner.

The Benefits of Hiring More Diversely and How to do it
“There were no black candidates” “I can’t afford to employ people with health issues” and “I can’t cope with female mood swings” are no longer valid reasons to not employ diversely and there are huge advantages to having a diverse workforce.  This panel will discuss how to recruit and manage a workforce which is more representative of society, and why it’s essential to do so.

The Global Majority are taking over the Market
Since the beginning of the music industry, western music has been the biggest and highest earning repertoire by far.  So-called developing markets were seen only as a sales opportunity without regard to local repertoire.  However, the dominance of Western Music is coming to an end and the Global Majority is taking precedence on music services.

AI – the solution to our database issues or just another fly in the ointment?
Who’s got the best database?  Isn’t it about time we knew?  There are so many databases in the world.  If there was a clear winner, and it was adopted across the industry, just think how much money would be released into the ecosystem. How can we determine who maintains the best data and what’s the gold standard?  And is AI a solution or…….?

CMOs and RMEs; The Rise of the Right Management Entity
Who wants to own a Collection Society?  How important is it for publishers to be co-owners rather than customers of collection societies?  Is a better service offered by more commercial Rights Management Entities who have to compete for customers? We hear from CMOs, RMEs and publishers about the roadmap ahead.

Tech and Innovation
There’s a new kid in town.  All over organisations have been set up to provide a link between music tech and the music industry.  Isn’t it time tech and music were friends?  What can tech do for us, and at what point does AI become an opportunity and not a threat?

Mergers and Majors
What tech/services companies are the majors buying and how will that affect the landscape and the indie market.  It’s hard to keep on top of the booming mergers and acquisitions marketplace, but we will go on a whistlestop tour of the trends of the market, and what that might mean for the indies.   

With Keynotes from

Leading industry figures including

Golnar Khosrowshahi, CEO of Reservoir

Mike O’Neill, CEO of BMI


With Presentations by



ICE services


And invitations to

A song camp and listening session, Evening receptions with ample time built in for Networking and B2B Meetings.


Preliminary Timings

Opening on Tuesday 01 October at 18:00 with an Opening Cocktail, Panel and Presentations on Wednesday 02 October with a Sundowner Cocktail that evening, Panels and Presentations on Thursday 04 October followed by a Sunset Cocktail and song camp listening session, continuing on Friday 04 October with Panels and Keynote which ends at 13:00.


22D Music Group and Kemper Music Group

22D Music Group

Premier sponsors

ROBA Music Publishing, TRO Essex Music Group and CTM Publishing

Platinum Sponsors

ICE Services

Gold sponsors

GC Partners, Spotify, AMRA, Mint Services, Downtown, On  Music, Reel Muzik Werks, Bucks Music Group and Reservoir

Silver Sponsors

OYEZ! and Session

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IMPF is pleased to host this event under “The IMPF Network Project”, a Creative Europe Programme for members of IMPF.

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