The Streaming Pie

The Streaming Pie – Online Webinar
A discussion with Publishers, CMO’s and Authors
March 3rd, 16:00 CET

Can the streaming pie grow?
The discussion about streaming has changed in recent months, with a greater emphasis on the way revenues are shared between stakeholders and how to grow the pot they share. But can the streaming pot continue to grow? How can revenues from streaming be shared more fairly? Can UGC-powered platforms finally deliver on their promises? Is there a need for regulation? A group of experts, economists, and music publishers will offer their views and solutions on how to make the streaming pie a bigger one.

Speakers: Will Page, author of Tarzan Economics, visiting Fellow at London School of Economics and former Chief Economist at Spotify and PRS for Music; Ender Atis, COO, Budde Music and Board Member of IMPF, Vickie Nauman, founder of CrossBorderWorks and Helienne Lindvall, composer, author, Chair of ECSA and Board Member of The Ivors Academy.

Moderator: Emmanuel Legrand, Editor, Creative Industries News

For IMPF Members
Co-funded by European Union


Mar 03 2022


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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