The Music Entrepreneurial and Creative Industry Summit

The Music Entrepreneurial and Creative Industry Summit in Palma, Mallorca, Spain will run from October 09 to 12 2022. The first global meeting for music publishers, songwriters and friends, with creative talks, panels, and time to meet, create, connect and do business.

IMPF is very excited to host a brand-new conference and writing camp that will bring together music publishers, songwriters and the wider industry from around the world. The event will include panels and speakers and lots of time to meet fellow members and colleagues for business and networking, all curated especially for the music publishing community, including an opening breakfast, closing cocktail and various sponsored meetings.

The line up of Panels and Speakers will be announced shortly and will include:

AI and Music; publisher, platform, and consumer. AI is being used at practically all levels of the music value chain, from AI-assisted musical creation and stem separation to playlist curation and A&R; how do we foster a balanced innovation and legal certainty?

Music; copyright, composing and publishing in the metaverse “It’s not the future, it’s the present”; is the “level playing field” more level in the metaverse than the real world?

UGC and Buy outs – Can the composer compose? How does the songwriter and publisher effectively use Big Tech?

The Role of creative professionals in the Green Transition – what is the investment potential and the return on the moral imperative?

Music Supervisors and Publishers – maximising the opportunities in the AV world of TV Fictions and Entertainments; the renaissance of contemporary TV drama, digital production and distribution, and the emergence of national and transnational genres.

Maximizing revenues and exploitation of Games – the example of Twitch podcasts

The big future of independent music publishing – futurists and big thinkers on where we will be in 10 years

The Songwriting Camp runs for five days between the 7th and 11th of October and will bring together 30 writers, each signed to a publisher member of IMPF. The writers will receive clear briefs to write for specific artists and the songs written during the camp will be presented to the event on the evening of October 11th during a listening session and will be later pitched to artists and labels.

The event is free to Member companies and guests of IMPF and is open to non-members for a registration fee of €400.
All interested parties please contact the Secretariat – 

Delegate list and full programme is available upon registration.

IMPF is pleased to host this event under “The IMPF Network Project”, a Creative Europe Programme for members of IMPF.







Oct 09 2022


All Day