Development Grants

(Work Package 3)



15 grants were made available this year to IMPF member companies in Creative Europe countries.


The key objective of the grants made available to IMPF members in European countries was to help independent publishers engage in cross-border activities of either a creative or business development nature, with a focus on supporting and nurturing the talent of emerging artists. The range of eligible activities was broad. As long as the activities had a cross-border dimension, they could be supported, and applications were open to composers as well as music publishing professionals. Activities could include attending or organising conferences, cross-border songwriting sessions and residencies, and developing capacity-building or networking workshops for music publishers. An open call for applications was sent to members in April of 2022.


15 applications were accepted for the Publisher Development Grants. The recipients were:

  • Strictly Confidential Music Publishing (Belgium)
  • Velvetica Music (France)
  • K9 Music Publishing (Romania)
  • Freibank Musikverlags und-Vermarktungs and CTM (Germany/NL)
  • Guesstimate Publishing (Germany)
  • GL Music Publishing (Denmark)
  • Nordic Music Society (Denmark)
  • Cosmos Music Publishing (Sweden)
  • Ink Music (Austria)     
  • Editions Bjorlund (Sweden)
  • Lusitanian Music Publishing (Portugal)
  • 22D Music Group (France)
  • Elements Music OY (Finland)
  • Roasting House (Sweden)
  • FAAR MUSIC (Estonia)

Outcomes/Next Steps

Three WP3 events took place in October: the Nordic Music NMS event (see images here), and the Nordic Bridges song camp (see images here)– with four IMPF publishers using International Development Grants to attend the latter in Canada – as well as the Song writing Camp in Palma (see all images here) which was jointly organised by two members. One IMPF member also used grant funds to successfully host a songwriting camp and publishing network event in Austria in September. Report forms were sent to Grant recipients in December. A full list of completed activities will be available on the website once full reporting is completed.

This report is available to download here below.



IMPF continues to offer development grants through 2023 as part of the Impf Network Project.  Details will follow over the coming year.


IMPF has issued an Open Call to IMPF members to apply for grants worth €6000. This money is to help Members of IMPF who would like to engage in cross-border activities of either a creative or business development nature.  See link to Open Call here.  The deadlines for applications is the 15 March 2023.

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