Company of the Week: OMSA

28th September 2020

Organizacion Musical Sudamericana (OMSA) SRL was established in Buenos Aires in 1992 by Roberto Barry and John Nathan as a full-service Publisher and Sub-publishing company.

A study of the Argentine music publishing business showed that many foreign publishers were either not represented or represented so poorly that they rarely -if ever- received royalty statements.

Before long, the company was representing a wide array of essential publishers, such as: Wise Music, Wixen Music Publishing, Downtown Music UK LTD, Sugar Music, RZO Music Ltd., Budde Music Publishing, Spirit Music Latino, Bucks Music Group Ltd., Jobim Music, Fermata do Brasil, among others.

The most recent incorporations to OMSA being: Faber Music, Gaga Music, Native Tongue, Me Gusta Music and many others.

OMSA continues to provide superior sub-publisher services and remains the #1 independent publisher in the region.

In the last two years, we have significantly improved our performance in Creativity and Internet collection.

Territories covered include Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Peru, and now we are starting operations in Paraguay, which is a small country but with an exciting quantity of concerts during the year.

We also collect in the whole region, directly from DSP’s providers, mechanical digital publishing rights, except for Mexico and Argentina, due the local societies are monopolies, and you can collect only through them.

We hope and trust to continue growing and expanding our territory to continue offering a high-level representation to all our Publishers.