Company of the week: GL Music Entertainment

30th June 2020

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, GL Music Entertainment is one of the biggest Scandinavian independent music publishing, production and artist development companies.

Having the GL founders originating from the creative side of the music industry by being producers and songwriters themselves, we know how to relate to an artists’ needs and how to foster and develop these to their full potential, which is the main focus we have, as a company.

As we are such a close-knit family, we are able to work across a wide spectrum of activities including publishing, sync, label and TV-related music direction and supervision.

We are happy to also represent and sub-publish over 500.000+ copyrights here, in Scandinavia, from publishers all over the world, including Cloud9, The Royalty Network, CCS Rights Management, Jackback Publishing and many more.

In terms of publishing, we have had big cuts with ‘Love you better’ by GOT7, Mike Perry with ‘Better than this’ and Mike Williams’ ‘Fallin‘ In’ just to name a few.

With sync we are pursuing a broad spectrum from Norwegian airlines’ worldwide campaign, Victoria’s Secret Fragrance advertisement to Häagen-Dazs’ latest campaign, Netflix original shows and more to come.