Company of the Month: Hoodooh


10th February 2022

Hoodooh is an Italian-based, young and independent music company specializing in music publishing, bespoke music production, artist management, administration, creative services for brands, licensing for film, TV, adv, games and all kinds of media.  We’re musicians working for fellow artists, fully driven by the love and passion for music and our roots planted in the indie/diy music scene. Our vision is to be amplifiers and empowerers for a new generation of Italian writers and musicians, a go-to hub where they can create freely while we provide them all the services and guidance they need to bring their music on the global market. Our quickly growing publishing catalogue features a broad spectrum of music, from raucous punk songs to mellow folk ballads, from experimental soundscapes to raging LGBTQ anthems, all of them brought by an exciting and diverse roster of artists, writers and composers from Italy and beyond.

Image:  HOODOOH: Andrea Grigolato and Alberto Zordan.