Company of the Month: Dancing Bear Publishing

28th July 2021

DANCING BEAR PUBLISHING is a part of Dancing Bear Group and one of the biggest publishers in the region, sub-publisher of Warner/Chappell Music for Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Dancing Bear Publishing also sub-publishes and represents independent publishing companies like Wise Music, Schubert Music Publishing, Meisel Music, District 6, Soho Production Music, FKM, Targa Music, Akin and Tin Drum Music in Croatia.

Dancing Bear Publishing local catalogue consists of some of the greatest Croatian and regional songwriters, with hundreds of hit songs of various genres. We represent works of one of the greatest and the most awarded writers in the region Nenad Ninčević (more than 1300 songs),  as well as Mario Mihaljević (c. 500 songs),  Davor Viduka (Kawasaki 3P, Greaseballs), Dalibor Pavićić (The Strange, The Bambi Molesters), Zoran Čalić, Boris Oštrić, My Buddy Moose, Chui, Dino Dvornik, Srđan Sekulović Skansi, Milutin Vandekar & Mira Dupelj alias Alka Ruben (Dunja Robić) (evergreens for artists like Ivo Robić and Gabi Novak), Goran Bare, Alen Tibljaš, Denis Dumančić, Ibrica Jusić, Aleksandar Stojković, Marko Tomasović.

We are proud our songs have been recognized by international producers and found their place in numerous successful productions, such as the worldwide Range Rover commercial and the Breaking Bad TV series final season.

Our team: Silvije Varga, MD, Ana Škarica Lešić, Publishing & Licencing Manager, Lana Juračić, Copyright Administrator