Company of the Month: All Stars Music

28th April 2021

All Stars Music is a music publishing company known especially for its high standard, transparent and accurate work registration operations, and good command of the digital field. The writers we work with are choosing us to receive reliable reporting service regarding their royalties. We operate locally as well as overseas and our team is dedicated to making sure that all of our writers’ works are included in the international database and their circulation around the world is monitored precisely.

All Stars Music, is the exclusive representative of Sony Music Publishing, EMI, and SESAC in Turkey. We also represent an extensive repertoire worldwide, including many iconic and popular works of Turkish writers such as Fuat Guner, Sakir Askan, Gulden, Cem Karaca, Oceanvs Orientalis along with Greek and Arab catalogs.

Our growing connections with brands, producers, and advertising agencies give us the opportunity to extend the usage of our catalogs on every platform. With our team’s creative, prudent, and visionary approach we produce new tailor-made projects and solutions, collaboration ideas with DJs and performers for the agencies, brands, etc. in company with the contributions of our writers. We are trusted by many for our precise choices when it comes to synch projects.

In 2020, We put into service Turkey’s largest domestic music library, All Stars Production Music (ASPM) to meet the sector’s demand. ASPM catalog, which is constantly updated, has a contemporary and comprehensive content that includes all kinds of classical works that reflects the character of each and every different region of Turkey and our culture, as well as re-evaluated versions of works that synthesize the eastern and western parts in the most modern way. Many of our writers contributed to this project and helped it become a top-quality stock music library with live recorded instruments.

All Stars Music is founded in 2016, by Mine Aksoy, the pioneer of music publishing in Turkey with more than 25 years of experience, and Yasemen Yazıcıoğlu Korukçu, Senior Advisor of the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey for Spain and Holland. Mine Aksoy has been one of the founders and former General Secretary of Turkish Collecting Society- MSG and also among the founding partners of Universal Music Taxim Edition.”