Welcome to the IMPF Global Music Summit

IMPF is very pleased to host this third edition of the hugely successful IMPF Global Music Summit 2024 once again in Palma from October 01 to 04.  We look forward to welcoming our music publisher members, songwriters, friends and special guests to join us in talks and panels with built in time to meet, create, connect, and do business.

The Songwriting camp will run concurrent to the Summit from September 30 to October 03.  21 writers will be selected to participate in this unique songwriting camp for 5 days with a high energy celebratory listening session open to all Palma delegates on the evening of October 03.

Below you will find the Programme information for the IMPF Global Music Summit 2024 outlining the Industry Topics that will feature in a number of Panels and Presentations over the 4 day event.

The Programme is also available to download here.  

We are also delighted to welcome our Partners and Sponsors.


“The success of last year’s Music Entrepreneurial and Creative Industry Summit, and the enthusiasm of all those that attended, left us in no doubt that the event was very much needed by the industry. It’s great, therefore, to be returning to Palma in 2023, with our friends and colleagues, to discuss the music publishing market, take stock of where we’ve been and look forward to where we’re heading. I’m delighted to have received so much support from our sponsors, who help make this important event possible.”  

Annette Barrett, President of IMPF

Co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


22D Music Group, Kemper Music Group

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IMPF welcomes a diverse range of high-profile speakers from all over the world to share their expertise and insights at the Summit, covering a broad range of essential topics that impact our business.


Tuesday 01 October

17:00 – 18:30

Registration Desk Open

Please collect your identity badge at the desk.  All participants will require a badge throughout the event to gain access to panels and social activities.

Hotel Victoria

18:00 – 19:00

Opening Cocktail 

Hotel Victoria

Wednesday 02 October


Registration Desk Open

Please collect your identity badge at the desk.  All participants will require a badge throughout the event to gain access to panels and social activities.

Hotel Victoria

09:00 – 10:00

Opening Breakfast

Hotel Victoria

10:10 – 10:50

Panel 1: Songwriting with Composers and Authors

Join us as we look at the creative side of songwriting, and how our respective organisations can assist, support, and creatively inspire international synergies to develop a greater interactive global songwriting community.
Panellists: Helienne Lindvall, President of European Composer and Songwriter Alliance, Composer (ECSA); Arriën Molema, Songwriter and Vice President of The International Council of Music Creators (CIAM); Marcelo Castello Branco, Chair of the Board of Directors of CISAC ; CEO of UBC; Annette Barrett, President of IMPF and Global Strategic Liaison at Reservoir; Jamie Hartman, Ivor Novella winner and Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and producer.  Moderator: Molly Neuman, CMO of Downtown Music Holdings.

Hotel Palma Marina

10:50 – 11:00

Presentation on the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union with Olga Sismanidi.

Hotel Palma Marina

11:00 – 11:10

Presentation on WIPO for Creators; the new rights awareness platform “Clip” with Niclas Molinder.

Hotel Palma Marina

11:15 – 12:00

Panel 2: The State of Global Rights Management

An international perspective on rights management, the challenges facing rights-holders, and discussions around creating a better eco-system for faster, more accurate remuneration.
Panellists: Matteo Fedeli, CEO of SIAE; Andrea C. Martin, CEO of PRS for Music; Alisa Coleman, COO of ABKCO Music & Records, and Board Chair of The Mechanical Licensing Collective; Cristina Perpiñá-Robert Navarro, CEO of SGAE; Ole Dreyer, The Nordic Music Society, Chair of Musikforlaeggerne i Danmark, Board Member of KODA.  Moderator: Victor Finn, CEO of IMRO.

Hotel Palma Marina

12:00 – 12:20

Conversation with Cécile Rap-Veber, CEO of SACEM

Hotel Palma Marina

12:30 – 13:15

Panel 3: Showcase Canada

An in-depth look at the Canadian music market and the opportunities it presents for both artists and publishers globally.
Panellists: Margaret McGuffin, CEO of Music Publishers Canada; Andrea England, President/Founder of Four Chords and the Truth and LFM, Associate Director, Publisher Engagement and Strategy at CMRRA; Jennifer Brown, CEO of SOCAN; Vincent Degiorgio, President of Cymba Music Publishing; Odette Lindsay, Director of Copyright Administration at Third Side Music.  Moderator: Jennifer Mitchell, President of Red Brick Songs.

Hotel Palma Marina

13:15 – 17:15

Free for Networking and B2B Meetings

17:15 – 18:00

Protecting Human Endeavour

A presentation of Ark, a new blockchain based platform for the safe sharing of human ideas. Jamie Hartman and Ed Bennett-Coles, Co-founders and Presidents of ARK, Cameron Chell, Founder of Metaworks, Ark tech build partners.  Moderator: Emmanuel Legrand, Editor of Creative Industries News.

Hotel Palma Marina

18:00 – 18:45

Roundtable led by AEDEM Spain and Cecilia León, President of Ediciones Joaquín Rodrigo and Davide Grosso from the International Music Council (IMC)

Do some of the challenges that classical music faces affect other repertoires? A discussion to analysing why the exponential rise of online royalties being experienced by pop music isn’t occurring at the same rate for classical music and other musical genres.  Moderator: Emmanuel Legrand, Editor of Creative Industries News.

Hotel Palma Marina

19:00 – 20:00

Sundowner Cocktail

Hotel Victoria

Thursday 03 October


Registration Desk Open

Please collect your identity badge at the desk.  All participants will require a badge throughout the event to gain access to panels and social activities.

Hotel Palma Marina

09:00 – 09:45

Panel 4: “Something to Synch About”

Music for audio/visual media has evolved to become a lucrative revenue stream for rights-holders in recent years – and the sync market has become more competitive than ever as a result.  Here, key players from all sides of the process discuss how to make the most of this growth area.
Panellists: Nicky Bignell, Head of Music Licensing at BBC; Sue Crawshaw, Music Supervisor; Quentin Boniface, Director of Music Creative & Production, EMEA at Netflix; Mary Jo Mennella, CEO of Music Asset Management Inc.  Moderator: Teri Nelson Carpenter, Founder & CEO of Reel Muzik Werks.

Hotel Palma Marina

09:45 -10:30

Panel 5: Early Data Management; how soon is too soon

As the modern music eco-system becomes more complex, effective data management has become a lynchpin to successful music businesses everywhere.  In this panel, we’ll hear when rights-holders need to get to grips with their data, and how best to manage it at various stages of growth.
Panellists: Amos Biegun, Global Head of Rights and Royalties / Managing Director of Vistex; Indi Chawla, Head of International Relations at The Mechanical Licensing Collective; Rell Lafargue, President and Chief Operating Officer at Reservoir Media; Paul Shaver, President of CMRRA & SX Works.  Moderator: Niclas Molinder, Founder of Music Rights Awareness Foundation and Session ID.

Hotel Palma Marina

10:30 – 11:00

Morning Breakout

Hotel Palma Marina

11:00 – 12:00

Panel 6: The Talk of the Town – AI, Web 4, Metaverses

While technology has created new opportunities for music rights-holders, in billion-dollar, blockbuster games and limitless virtual frontiers, it has also caused many to question the very foundations of our copyright system, with artificial intelligence applications seemingly galloping ahead of us.  We’ll look at how all of this pertains to music, how to thrive in virtual worlds as well as the real world, and how human and AI creation can coexist.
Panellists: Constance Herreman Follain, Director of Legal and Policy at CISAC; Florian Koempel, Copyright Consultant; Elisa Fermont-Amouyal, CEO of Talit MuZic Publishing; Markus Schwarzer, CEO of CYANITE; María González Gordon, Managing Partner at CMS Spain and Global Co-Head Digital Business; Cliff Fluet, Partner at Lewis Silkin/MD Eleven Advisory. Moderator: Sarah Williams, CEO of IMPEL.

Hotel Palma Marina

12:00 – 12:40

Panel 7: How to build bigger and how to build better

Why we need to encourage the next generation and strive towards greater diversity across the music industry, what progress has been made, and why there is still so much more to do.  We’ll discuss how to create inclusive cultures, better companies, and a richer creative output.
Panellists: Eva Karman Reinhold, Chair of SOM, IMPALA Diversity Chair and CEO of Smilodon; Tony D. Alexander, President & MD of Made in Memphis Entertainment; Olga Heijns, CEO of Next Era Music Publishing.  Moderator: Margaret McGuffin, CEO of Music Publishers Canada.

Hotel Palma Marina

12:45 – 13:00

Presentation by Will Page, Economist

“Glocalisation” of music streaming within and across Europe.

Hotel Palma Marina

13:00 – 13:30

Keynote and Dialogue with Member of the European Parliament Ibán García del Blanco

“Cultural diversity and the conditions of authors in the European music streaming market.”

Hotel Palma Marina

13:30- 17:15

Free for Networking and B2B Meetings

17:15 – 18:00

IMPEL – Creating the Digital Future for the Independents

Led by Sarah Williams, CEO of IMPEL Michael Hatjoullis, Head of Operations at IMPEL, Ali Charrier, Head of Online Partners at SACEM.  Moderator: Emmanuel Legrand, Editor of Creative Industries News

Hotel Palma Marina

18:00 – 18:45

ICE Services presentation on Multi-territory Royalty flows and New Opportunities

Led by Alex Tarrand, COO and Co-founder of STYNGR; Jon Hall, Head of Licensing at ICE Services and Loredana Cacciotti, SVP Digital Licensing & Business Affairs at Downtown Music Holdings.  Moderator: Emmanuel Legrand, Editor of Creative Industries News.

Hotel Palma Marina


Evening Drinks Reception and Listening Session from the Palma Song Writing Camp ’23

Hotel Palma Marina

Friday 04 October

09:30 – 10:30

Closing Breakfast, B2B Meetings and a Keynote (TBC)

Hotel Victoria

11:00 – 15:45

IMPF Board Meeting

Hotel Victoria

Songwriting Camp

The Songwriting camp starts on Friday 6th of October and finishes with a Listening Session sponsored by “Session” on the evening of Tuesday 10th of October.  See full details here.

Sponsors and Organizers

Session Studio, Spotify and 22D Music Group, Kemper Music Group,  Roba Music Verlag, Palma Music Studios

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