The Global Music Entrepreneurial and Creative Industry Summit

Welcome to the IMPF Global Music Summit Palma 2023

IMPF is very pleased to host this second edition of the hugely successful Global Music Entrepreneurial and Creative Industry Summit once again in Palma from October 08 to 11.  We look forward to welcoming our music publisher members, songwriters, friends and special guests to join us in talks and panels with built in time to meet, create, connect, and do business.

The Songwriting camp will run concurrent to the Summit from October 06 to 10. 21 writers will be selected to participate in this unique songwriting camp for 5 days with a high energy celebratory listening session open to all Palma delegates on the evening of October 10.

Below you will find the Preliminary information for the Summit outlining the Industry Topics that will feature in a number of Panels over the 3 day event.  A detailed Programme will be published in the coming weeks and first speakers will be announced soon.  We are also delighted to welcome our Partners and Sponsors.

Preliminary information for the boutique event that has everyone talking 

What are the hot topics for Palma 2023; we are ready to explore whatever it is that matters to you


All About the Song: How publishers can support authors and songwriters
We look at the creative side of songwriting, and how our respective organisations can assist, support, and creatively inspire international synergies to develop a greater interactive global songwriting community.

The State of Global Rights Management An international perspective on rights management, the challenges facing rights-holders, and discussions around creating a better eco-system for faster, more accurate remuneration. 

Showcase Canada An in-depth look at the Canadian music market and the opportunities it presents for both artists and publishers globally. 

Something to Synch About Music for audio/visual media has evolved to become a lucrative revenue stream for rights-holders in recent years – but the sync market has become more competitive than ever as a result. Here, key players on all sides of the process will explain how to make the most of this area.

Early Data Management: How soon is too soon? As the modern music eco-system becomes more complex, effective data management has become a lynchpin to successful music businesses everywhere. In this panel, we’ll hear from data management experts about when rights-holders need to get to grips with their data, and how best to manage it at various stages of growth. 

New Frontiers: AI, video games and the metaverse While technology has created brand new opportunities for music rights-holders, in billion-dollar, blockbuster games and limitless virtual frontiers, it has also caused many to question the very foundations of our copyright system, with artificial intelligence becoming ever more advanced. We’ll look at how this pertains to music, how to thrive in virtual worlds as well as the real world, and how human and AI creation can coexist.

Diversity in our industry Why we need to continue to strive towards greater diversity across the music industry; what progress has been made and why there is still so much more to do. We’ll discuss how to create inclusive cultures, better companies, and a richer creative output.

With Presentations by

The European Union Creative Europe Programme + ICE Music Services + WIPO for Creators + Spotify, and more…

With Keynotes from

Leading industry and Political figures.

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A song camp and listening session, Morning breakfasts and Evening receptions with ample time built in for Networking and B2B Meetings.

Preliminary Timings

Opening on Sunday 08 October at 1800 with a Welcome Cocktail and introduction. On Monday 09 and Tuesday 10 October, Breakfasts, Panels, and Discussions run from 0915 to 1400 with information sessions at 18:00 followed by Sundowners at 19:00. The Listening Session will take place on Tuesday night. On Wednesday 11 October Breakfast and Keynote at 1000 with closing at noon.

Co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


22D Music Group, Kemper Music Group, Roba Music Verlag, Strictly Confidential Music Publishing

22D Music Group

Premier sponsors

Reservoir Media, Bucks Music Group, Downtown Music Publishing, Spotify, Beggars Music

Gold sponsors

ICE Services, Reel Muzik Werks, On Music, Session Studio, OYEZ!

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IMPF is pleased to host this event under “The IMPF Network Project”, a Creative Europe Programme for members of IMPF.

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