Artificial Intelligence: Maximising its efficiencies

AI and how to maximise its efficiencies for music publishers
December 08 at 1600 CET (Brussels)

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are changing the music industry in many ways: it can influence the way music is composed; it can provide new tools for rights management organisations to help improve data; it can create new streams of revenues, by breaking songs into stems, for example; and it is at the source of the algorithms that are used by music streaming services, among other things. This session will take a look at the impact AI will have on the music publishing sector with AI specialists, rights management experts and innovators.

Speakers: Jessica Powell, Founder/CEO, Audioshake (USA); Bruno Guez, Founder/CEO  Revelator (Israel); Barry Scannell, Director of Legal Affairs & Regulatory Compliance, and AI and Music specialist, IMRO (Ireland).
Moderator: Emmanuel Legrand, Editor, Creative Industries News

Jessica Powell Bio:
Jessica Powell is the CEO and co-founder of AudioShake, which uses AI to deconstruct songs into instrumentals and stems so that they can open up for new uses. Less than six months since its launch, AudioShake already counts all the major labels among its customers, as well as several top publishers, indie labels, production music companies, and independent artists.

Bruno Guez Bio:
Founder and CEO of Revelator, and a former Director on the Board of Merlin Network, the leading music rights agency, Bruno Guez brings over twenty-five years of experience as a seasoned digital music executive working with Chris Blackwell’ Island Records and Guy Laliberte’s Cirque du Soleil. With a strong vision to retool the creative industry, Bruno saw the opportunity to provide a game-changing technology platform for global rights administration and royalty management using blockchain technology, with a goal of enabling efficient and fully transparent reporting, real-time payments and innovative revenue streams for rights owners, creators, artists, producers, and publishers around the world.

Barry Scannell Bio:
Barry is Director of Legal Affairs and Regulatory Compliance at the Irish Music Rights Organisation, an international performing right organisation, and is the Chair of CISAC’s (the international body representing authors’ rights societies) AI & Copyright Working Group.  He specialises in copyright law and music licensing, and the intersection between new technologies and music rights. Barry is currently researching a Ph.D. on music rights and AI.


Dec 08 2021


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm