In 2021 IMPF launched a Friends and Supporters category for companies wishing to work with independent music publishers.

The Friends and Supporters of IMPF category is aimed at commercial companies, entities or individuals who wish to have an open and transparent relationship with the independent music publishing community worldwide.

The IMPF Friend and Supporters Engagement policy can be found here.

The IMPF Friends and Supporters Fact Sheet outlines the programme. See here.

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Currently the following companies are Friends and Supporters:

LyricFind provides partners with an extensive catalogue of accurate and fully legal lyrics, licensed from more than 10,000 publishers and performing rights organisations around the world.  It is trusted by some of the top names in the industry, including Amazon, Google, YouTube, Deezer, Xperi, Soundhound, iHeartRadio and many others.

Musixmatch provides data, tools and services to enhance the music experience and empower creators. It has a lyrics catalogue with over 8 million songs and 80 supported languages. It supplies a range of platforms including the top global music DSPs, online search engines and social platforms.   Alongside lyrics, Musixmatch works to provide creators with tailored tools to help manage, claim, and distribute content.

Pex is the leader in digital rights technology, enabling the fair and transparent use of copyright online. With Pex’s advanced identification technology, platforms can manage and license content at scale, allowing users to upload freely while respecting copyright.  In return, rightsholders are able to monitor and capitalize on the content they own. Pex is on a mission to support the creator economy with fair and transparent copyright solutions.


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