Board Members

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Pierre Mossiat

Pierre Mossiat, President of IMPF, is CEO of Strictly Confidential Music Publishing and President of SABAM and sits on the Board of ICMP and the Belgian MPA. (BE)

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Rolf Budde

Rolf Budde, VP of IMPF, is Managing Director of the Music Publishing Group Budde Music with affiliated companies in Austria, Switzerland, France, Scandinavia, UK and USA. He is Vice Chair of ICMP, President of the DMV and sits on the Board of GEMA. (DE).

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Teresa Alfonso

Teresa Alfonso is CEO of Teddy Sound Music Publishers, President of the Spanish MPA AEDEM and sits on the Popular Bureau of ICMP. (ES)

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Francesca Trainini

Francesca Trainini is Founder and Senior Partner of Oyez! and sits on the board of IMPALA. (IT)

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Randall Wixen

Randall Wixen is CEO of Wixen Music Publishing. (US) and co-owner of Wixen Music UK Ltd.

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Alfredo Gramitto Ricci

Alfredo Gramitto Ricci is the CEO and Managing Director of Edizioni Curci. (IT)

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Annette Barrett

Annette Barrett is Managing Director of Reservoir/Reverb Music. (UK)

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Filippo Sugar

Filippo Sugar is CEO of Sugar Music and President of SIAE. (IT)

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Halit Uman

Halit Uman is the Managing Director of Halit Music. (FR)

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Ichi Asatsuma

Ichi Asatsuma is the Chairman of Fujipacific Music and serves as a Special Adviser to the MPA Japan.

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Jake Wisely

Jake Wisely runs The Bicycle Music Company, a division of Concord Bicycle Music. He is a board member of the AIMP (US) and a member of the NMPA's Independent Publisher Advisory Council (US).

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Julio Guiu Marquina

Julio Guiu Marquina is President of Clipper’s Ediciones Musicales. (ES)

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Niclass Bjorlund

Niclass Bjorlund is Managing Director of Edition Bjorlund, and sits on the Board of Directors of the Swedish MPA. (SE)

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Rob Guthrie

Rob Guthrie is Head of Operations at Songs Music Publishing. (US)

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Simon Platz

Simon Platz is Managing Director of Bucks Music Group, sits on the Popular Bureau of ICMP, the MPA, MCPS and PRS board of directors and is chair of IMPEL. (UK)